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Cedar Key School
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Articles of the Week


February 7th, 2017


“Teddy Bears for Sale!”


Amanda Robinson & Terra Dunn; Shark Correspondents


This Valentine’s Day, the Cedar Key School’s Sr. Beta Club will be selling teddy bears for $2 each. You can purchase them from a club member or in the CKS front office.


The teddy bears are a great gift for your best friend, significant other, a teacher, a parent, even your pet! With the profit made the Sr. Beta can fund many community projects. So get out there and buy a teddy bear!



Ice Cream sign.jpg



By:Skylar Wirth; Shark Correspondent


Beginning next week the lunchroom is going to be providing ice cream products for the students at Cedar Key School. The ice cream is going to be available to high school all week. Elementary and middle school will be able to buy it only on Wednesdays.

There are around 20 different kinds of ice cream that the students can choose from. The prices range from $0.50 to $1.50 per item. The school has decided to start offering ice cream in order to give the student a sweet snack while they are at school while still giving them a healthy alternative.